Customized Home Security Systems in Osceola County, FL

Monitor everything that’s happening on your property with a new, high-tech home monitoring and security system. Freedom Home Security gives you the freedom to have peace mind—whether you’re at home or away from home. Utilizing the latest security cameras and the newest technology, our security company creates a system to meet your needs. Make sure your family and your property is safe by contacting us about our home security systems in Osceola County, FL.

As an Authorized Premier Provider of Brinks products, we install excellent security products that are packed with features. Brinks is a leader in home security. Due their diverse selection of products, we are able to custom-design a home alarm system that meets your exact needs. Some of the equipment we provide and install include:

Brinks Security Keypads

With a keypad from Brinks, you’ll have central command of your entire security system. Allow us to help you choose a keypad that is right for you and your home security needs.

High-Tech Home Motion Detectors

Not all motion sensors are created equal. Some are oversensitive and ineffective. We offer a selection of Brinks motion detectors in all sizes, shapes, and functionalities. After installing yours, our experienced technicians adjust them precisely based on your preferences. Pet-friendly options are available as well.

Door, Window & Glass Sensors

Keep your entire home secure and ensure there is no easy way in! When you depend on Freedom Home Security, we not only install keypads and motions sensors, but we also make sure all entryways are monitored and secure. If a window or door opens, you’ll know it and so will Brinks. In addition, with our glass sensors, your new home monitoring system can detect the sound of breaking glass.

Don’t Panic! Use a Key Fob

It’s easy to arm and disarm your home security system with a key fob. This device gives you access to a panic button that also allows you to call for help immediately.

Contact us for an onsite estimate to determine your home security needs. We proudly serve residential and commercial clients throughout Kissimmee, Osceola County, and Orange County, Florida.